Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eww Musclesss

So in preparation for 129a project next semester I'm learning about muscles systems to accompany my skeleton. Lucky for me the actual skeleton I made can be used in the muscle calculations. So bones will actually move under the skin. Pretty cool! This leg is from a tutorial I got online. The tutorial describes how to set up a simple muscle and bone system.

For a brief moment I asked myself, "Why am I learning this? I'm a modeler.. this is for riggers knowledge base." And then I came to the end result. Although it could be tuned more it's very promising to witness. Now.. onward and upward to complex muscle systems.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Working From The Inside Out

So in an attempt to actually post stuff to my blog I'm going to be posting my work from now and here on out here. So no more facebook. Woot!

Onward with content! So this is a skeleton I just modeled recently. It's a low poly model and will stay low poly because it's going to reside within the Conan Berserker I'll be making this fall semester. I've seen ILM use this technique where they have a human skeleton and then morph it into the monster they want and then create the muscle system associated with it. I don't have to do a skeleton, but it will allow me to create a more accurate muscle system because now I can see the intersection points.